Saturday, December 4, 2010

Minecraft Haloween Update

The new haloween update for minecraft is amazing! The nether is possibly one of the most fucking scary places ive ever been. Even if theyre only boxes the monsters are scary as hell. Minecraft is so addicting even though theres no point to it yet. This is a picture of what people do in lifes i no but ts soooo much fun. I love to mine its probably my favorite part of the game.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Prototype....ahhhhhhhh one of the most entertaining games i've played in a while. What you see above is just a small portion of what this game is about. Your actually a mutated man who is immune to a zombie like virus over taking NYC. Your objective is to find your sister that has been kidnapped. Along the way you must fight through hordes of zombies, military, and many other messed up things. You can turn your arm into a blade, Freddy hands, or even hammers. There are a lot of others but to get them you must first kill and complete missions to get points. This game is very entertaining. I recommended getting it if your looking for a fun game.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black Ops

COD Black Ops. I myself am not the biggest COD fan but i still like the game. Call Of Duty Black Ops better deliver all the juicy goodness it promises. Of the gameplay that's out there and that i've looks pretty damn good. I think since Treyarch is making it it will come out 30x better. If they don't fix the noob tubing and the over powered guns... COD will be dead to me. I also hate their ranking system you rank up just for playing which is kinda gay. There are differnt versions you could buy all ranging from $60 to about $130.  I myself will not be going to Bestbuy at midnight to get this game. I think i will stick to Reach for a while more and let the price of Black Ops go down.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Toy Soilders

Despite being and arcade game for xbox this game is one of most entertaining games I've ever played! It is so addicting and ive always dreamed of doing this as a kid! It is RTS with tower defense incorporated. It has tons of little soilders run at you and attack you. The multyplayer is a little laggy though but i still love it!. I just wish they'd let you deploy your own soilders not just tanks but still is very fun! It is a great buy and definatley worth it. They recently came out with a robot addon so make sure you pick them both up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ah MineCraft. This is one of my alltime favorite games for the computer. It's simple yet very,very addicting. I mean what could be fun about shitty block graphics...nothing right....WRONG! everything and anything is fun. I love this game this video shows you how to survive your first night. It reminds me alot of motherload from all the digging you do. This game pushes your creativity to its max with random maps generated each time! If you want to try it out it's free now just visit to get your free download or just simply play it in the browser.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to Reach

Back to Halo Reach. As for me i have beaten the campaing on legendary except or a few levels that i skipped because i was playing with friends. Its a good campaining nothing special though. Halo Reache's multyplayer is fantastic i cant get enough of it! The firefight matchmaking though is quite laggy for some reason and is very annoying. I like the ways they show you how many points you get per kill that is a very nice feautrue. I like all their new guns like the focus rifle. it is on of my favorite guns in the game. The needle rifle mis da bombbbbb. I dislike how they replaced the BR thought.It seems they made it 10x easier to snipe I get headshots all over the place!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heres a cool video for all you GTA lovers out there! I personally am on myself. It is so much fun to just go around shooting rockets at civilians on the streets! Need a car? Just jack one. I like the campaign also very interesting and fun. The multiplayer lacks some good user friendly features though but once you get things started up its tons of fun to play with your friends! The video shows you 25 ways to die in it! The maps are so big its just too much fun too handle!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is probably up there on one of my favorite games along with Halo. It is a fun game because of all the action and chaos. Things i dislike are how you die so easily and if you want to be a high rank all you have to do is noob tube. Infinity Ward is just a lazy ass bitch and never wants to patch anything. Bummer i know so i stopped playing. I tend to go through stages of liking it and disliking it. It is no where close to Halo and never will be in my opinion. Black Ops is going to be the biggest fail.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halo Reach

Now the first game i'll be talking about is Halo Reach. Halo's been one of my favorite games for as long as i can remember. And Bungie's newest game Halo Reach is no dissapointment. It is a great game all around. I especially like the new abilities like Jetpack and Sprint. The only thing i dislike is its new ranknig. Halo 3's was great because that was your actual true skill not like COD. But now Halo is more like Cod where all you have to do is play in order to rank up. Other than that i love the game.....More to come.


This blog will be mostly about games and my opions on them. Halo will be one of the big games i talk about.