Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Prototype....ahhhhhhhh one of the most entertaining games i've played in a while. What you see above is just a small portion of what this game is about. Your actually a mutated man who is immune to a zombie like virus over taking NYC. Your objective is to find your sister that has been kidnapped. Along the way you must fight through hordes of zombies, military, and many other messed up things. You can turn your arm into a blade, Freddy hands, or even hammers. There are a lot of others but to get them you must first kill and complete missions to get points. This game is very entertaining. I recommended getting it if your looking for a fun game.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black Ops

COD Black Ops. I myself am not the biggest COD fan but i still like the game. Call Of Duty Black Ops better deliver all the juicy goodness it promises. Of the gameplay that's out there and that i've seen...it looks pretty damn good. I think since Treyarch is making it it will come out 30x better. If they don't fix the noob tubing and the over powered guns... COD will be dead to me. I also hate their ranking system you rank up just for playing which is kinda gay. There are differnt versions you could buy all ranging from $60 to about $130.  I myself will not be going to Bestbuy at midnight to get this game. I think i will stick to Reach for a while more and let the price of Black Ops go down.